Read SIS card from .NET application

Here is a simple smaple of reading SIS card data using EIDNative library from .NET application.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using EIDNative;

namespace SISCardReader
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
EIDCard eidCard = new EIDCard();


if (eidCard.ReadSisId())
Console.WriteLine("name: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.Name);
Console.WriteLine("first name: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.FirstName);
Console.WriteLine("initial: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.Initial);
Console.WriteLine("sex: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.Sex);
Console.WriteLine("birthdate " + eidCard.SISIdentity.BirthDate);
Console.WriteLine("social security number: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.SocialSecurityNumber);
Console.WriteLine("capture: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.CaptureDate);
Console.WriteLine("begin: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.ValidityDateBegin);
Console.WriteLine("end: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.ValidityDateEnd);
Console.WriteLine("card number: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.CardNumber);
Console.WriteLine("card name: " + eidCard.SISIdentity.CardName);


2 thoughts on “Read SIS card from .NET application

  1. I've have a ACR38 reader but reading SIS cards doesn't work (eID reading is working).

    eidCard.ReadSisId() gives always false as result.

    What could be the reason?


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