EIDNative – ActiveX version (update)

I updated an ActiveX version of  EIDNative: fixed ReadSISCard method and added new methods for saving information to CSV file:

  • SaveIDToCSV
  • SaveAddressToCSV
  • SavePersonToCSV
  • SaveSISDataToCSV

New methods for controlling card reader were added:

  • GetSelectedReaderIndex
  • SelectReaderByName
  • SelectReader

WaitForCardInserted method works now not only with eID card, but with SIS card as well.

Download: http://users.telenet.be/serhiy.perevoznyk/download/EIDNativeX.zip


2 thoughts on “EIDNative – ActiveX version (update)

  1. Hello, me again 🙂
    Is it also posible to make a listofreadersNames_to_CSV.
    This makes it easy to use the SelectReader method. Now you need some win32 api's to get this…

    The commandline picyturemethodes does not work. (see comment there).
    Thanks again…

    Greetings Ben,


  2. Hello Ben,
    Yes, it is possible and I will do it for the next release. I collected all your remarks and requests and will try to fix it during this week, so very soon you can expect a new update.

    Thank you very much for your ideas and support!


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