Reading eID card from VBA using Middleware ActiveX control

Sample code from

Private Sub Command1_Click(ByVal eventSender As System.Object, ByVal eventArgs As System.EventArgs) Handles Command1.Click
' Written by Sylvain Kusters
' Free to use to everyone
' If you come with better solution (quicker) please let me also profit from your code.
' Visit also

Dim lHandle As Integer

'BEID_ Kaart Info
Dim strCardNumber As String
Dim strBegValDag, strBegVal, strBegValMaand As Object
Dim strBegValJaar As String
Dim strEndValDag, strEndVal, strEndValMaand As Object
Dim strEndValJaar As String
Dim strIssuingMunicipality As String
'BEID Persoons Info
Dim strName As String
Dim strFirstName1 As String
Dim strBirthPlace As String
Dim strBirthDate As String
Dim strGender As String
Dim strNationality As String
Dim strNationalNumber As String
'BEID Adres Info
Dim strStreet As String
Dim strZIPCode As String
Dim strMunicipality As String
Dim PictureFileName As String
Dim FirstPath As String
Dim EndPath As String
Dim Path As String

Dim RetStatus As EIDLIBCTRLLib.RetStatus
Dim MapColPicture As New EIDLIBCTRLLib.MapCollection
Dim MapColID As New EIDLIBCTRLLib.MapCollection
Dim MapColAddress As New EIDLIBCTRLLib.MapCollection
Dim CertifCheck As New EIDLIBCTRLLib.CertifCheck

RetStatus = EIDlib1.Init("", 0, 0, lHandle)
If (RetStatus.GetGeneral = 0) Then
RetStatus = EIDlib1.GetID(MapColID, CertifCheck)
strChipNumber = MapColID.GetValue("ChipNumber")
strCardNumber = MapColID.GetValue("CardNumber")
strBegVal = MapColID.GetValue("BeginValidityDate")
strEndVal = MapColID.GetValue("EndValidityDate")
strIssuingMunicipality = MapColID.GetValue("IssuingMunicipality")
strName = MapColID.GetValue("Name")
strFirstName1 = MapColID.GetValue("FirstName1")
strBirthDate = MapColID.GetValue("BirthDate")
strBirthPlace = MapColID.GetValue("BirthPlace")
strGender = MapColID.GetValue("Gender")
strNationality = MapColID.GetValue("Nationality")
strNationalNumber = MapColID.GetValue("NationalNumber")

'Opsplitsen begindatum

strBegValDag = VB.Right(strBegVal, 2)
strBegValMaand = Mid(strBegVal, 5, 2)
strBegValJaar = VB.Left(strBegVal, 4)
'Opsplitsen einddatum

strEndValDag = VB.Right(strEndVal, 2)
strEndValMaand = Mid(strEndVal, 5, 2)
strEndValJaar = VB.Left(strEndVal, 4)
txtbxCardNumber.Text = strCardNumber
txtbxBeginValidityDate.Text = strBegValDag & "/" & strBegValMaand & "/" & strBegValJaar
txtbxEndValidityDate.Text = strEndValDag & "/" & strEndValMaand & "/" & strEndValJaar
txtbxIssuingMunicipality.Text = strIssuingMunicipality
txtbxName.Text = strName
txtbxFirstName1.Text = strFirstName1
txtbxBirthDate.Text = strBirthDate
txtbxBirthPlace.Text = strBirthPlace
txtbxGender.Text = strGender
txtbxNationality.Text = strNationality
txtbxNationalNumber.Text = strNationalNumber

End If

RetStatus = EIDlib1.GetAddress(MapColAddress, CertifCheck)

strStreet = MapColAddress.GetValue("Street")

strZIPCode = MapColAddress.GetValue("ZIPCode")

strMunicipality = MapColAddress.GetValue("Municipality")

txtbxStreet.Text = strStreet
txtbxZIPCode.Text = strZIPCode
txtbxMunicipality.Text = strMunicipality
' Picture inladen

FirstPath = "(unknown)_BELPIC_"
EndPath = "_4035"
Path = "c:\Documents and settings\gebruiker\eid-cache"
PictureFileName = FirstPath & strChipNumber & EndPath
RetStatus = EIDlib1.GetPicture(MapColPicture, CertifCheck)
Picture1.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(Path & "\" & PictureFileName)

RetStatus = EIDlib1.Exit()

End Sub

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