Wanted beta testers for Krento

Some users reported about issues of running Krento on Windows 64 bit platform.
I made some changes to 32 bit version of Krento to fix the compatibility problems and also made 64 bit build of Krento.

Both versions available for download:

The problem is that I have only 32 bit Windows on my PC and can’t perform 64 bit compatibility test by myself. Because of this I am looking for beta testers who has Windows 64 bit (XP, Vista or Windows 7) installed and can do the test for me.

Thanks in advance to everybody who wants to help me make Krento better.


14 thoughts on “Wanted beta testers for Krento

  1. Thank you very much for you test. I will try to figure out what can be the problem and update the beta version again. It's difficult to develop without being able to debug 😦 Probably I have to buy 64bit Windows as well.


  2. Thanks so much for the app!

    I have a windows 7 64-bit machine and just tested your latest upload.

    It seems to be working fine. I can scroll (swivel the icons around) using the arrows or the scroll wheel and it works fine.

    I will continue to use it and will report back if I have any issues.

    Thanks again!



  3. I have Windows 7 64-Bit and setup Krento with no problem. I changed the skin and changed each of the stones to different programs or short cuts. Everything worked great… Until I logged off. Once I logged back onto my computer, Krento reset everything EXCEPT it kept the new stone graphics, but the programs they pointed to were reset back to the origional default. So instead of Microsoft word, that stone now pointed back to notepad (which was the default for that stone). It also reset back to the origional default skin and did not keep the skin that I had previously changed it to.

    Hopefully you can get it working because I sure enjoyed using it for a few minutes…

    – Jason


  4. Hi Jason,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. I will try to resolve this problem as soon as possible and let you know when the new release is available. I am sure that without getting help from people like you I would never able to make Krento. Thank you very much again.


  5. Nice app thanks. Problem: I'm running XP Pro. When I drag different programs to the stones, it works for that session, but each time I boot Windows, the stones are back to the defaults or come up with ? saying “missing/invalid file name” Do I need to assign programs each boot???


  6. OK, tried it.
    There is still an issue: you cannot add shortcuts by drag and dropping from the 64 bit Windows explorer.

    I was however able to add shortcuts by dragging icons from a 32 bit desktop search app.


  7. I installed the 32-bit 1.1 version on a XP 32-bit machine and the icons cannot swivel. Also, I really don't like that it launches when clicking the center mouse-button. I use that a lot for scrolling and so it is annoying that I cannot disable that part of the program. I dislike is to much that unless that changes, I will not be using Krento.


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