Krento 1.4.397.25 release

Krento 1.4.397.25 released and available for download from

Direct download links:

Release information:

  • Added Krento menu skins. Now you can change the look of Krento menus using skins
  • Full Unicode support. By default Krento will create rings in Unicode format.  Language files changed to Unicode as well.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts visualization to Krento menu.
  • Fixed translation bugs
  • Fixed problem with saving of custom Krento rings (missing icons, invalid stone description, etc…)
  • Fixed problem with missing icons on Krento ring when close / restart Krento
  • When new target application is selected in configuration dialog, the default icon is updated automatically
  • Added possibility to backup user data (including stones, skins, languages, etc…)
  • Some memory usage fixes
  • Fixed bug with closing Pulsar using Alt+F4
  • Fixed  Krento hot-key handling when setting dialog is visible

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