Krento 1.4.562.1 release

Krento 1.4.562.1 released and available for download from

Release information:

* Multilanguage release. The following languages are supported:
1. English
2. Dutch
3. Spanish
4. Portuguese
5. Russian
The translation to every language was done manually, not by using Google API or
other mechanical way of the translation.

* Added support for environment variables in the target name, custom icon names,
names of the circle files, etc..
Now you can specify the stone target like %PROGRAMFILES%\My company\My Application.exe
All Krento related file names are stored now using new syntax:
Theme=%APPDATA%\Krento\Menus\Aero Royale\background.ini

* For portable version of Krento added %KRENTO_PORTABLE% environment variable.
This variable is defined by Krento during the startup and stored in the process environment block
(without writing to the registry). As a result you can specify the circle name like

* Fixed problem with downloading site icon, when icon is not an .ico, but .gif file

* Changed procedure of detecting the webpage encoding.

* You can select now previous circle by pressing Backspace key


2 thoughts on “Krento 1.4.562.1 release

  1. Very good project. It helped me a lot. What I would like to be incorporated into the progam is:

    * Automatic loading of all circles created (or the possibility to pick a bladed load.)

    In this way if I have created 4 circles, I would not have to load them one by one each time I start KRENTO. I want to start the program and simply press “next circle” according to my need.

    Would be very good. Greetings!


  2. I am working now on a new version of Krento where I planned a lot of new functions for simplifying the usage of circles, like loading all circles at the start, selecting next, previous circle, changing circles using hotkeys, etc…
    It will be published within 1-2 weeks


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