Krento 1.5 release

Krento 1.5 available for download from
This is a next stable release of Krento and it contains all most important features that was planned initially when I started Krento development.

Release information:

  • Multilanguage release. The following languages are supported:
  1. English  Translator: Serhiy Perevoznyk
  2. Dutch    Translator: Sven Wyns
  3. Spanish  Translator: Sven Wyns
  4. Portuguese  Translator: Knight Rider (SoQuadrinhos)
  5. Russian     Translator: Ded2007
  6. French Belgium  Translator: Jacques Putseys
  7. French France   Translator: Paul Van Muysewinkel
  8. Romanian  Translator: Oxana Rojcova

The translation to every language was done manually, not by using Google API or  other mechanical ways of translation. The name of the translator is shown in About Box window

Whats new in this release:

  • Extended set of Krento stones. Krento has 15 build-in stones:

01. File or web site launcher
02. My Documents
03. My Music
04. My Pictures
05. My current IP address
06. My Computer
07. Recycle Bin
08. Shutdown Computer
09. Stand By Computer
10. Hibernate Computer
11. Restart Computer
12. Current time
13. Current date
14. Krento Applications Ring
15. Close Krento

  • Added support for external stones. Now is possible to develop and distribute new stones apart from Krento.
  • Added plugins support. Now is possible to extend the functionality of Krento using plugins
  • Added new type of widgets – Krento Toys. Krento Toys are similar to Windows Sidebar widgets and stay on the desktop not linked to Krento Stones Manager.
  • Added possibility to assign custom hot-key combinations to most of Krento actions (for advanced users only)
  • Added drag and drop support for “My Documents”, “My Pictures”, “My Music” and “Recycle Bin” stones
  • Extended drag and drop support for “File or web site launcher” stone: when shift button is pressed the dragged file will not replace the stone’s target but will be passed to the stone application as a command line parameter. For example, you can create the stone with Notepad as a target and drag the text file to it. In this case Notepad starts and opens the dragged file.
  • When you do Ctrl + Click on Stones Manager window, the ring selection dialog will be shown
  • You can change current circle by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Fxx (F1..F12) for first 12 circles

This is just a very short list of the new features.


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