Running Stack Docklet 2.0 from Krento

Krento can run RocketDock docklets and StackDocklet 2.0 probably one of the most popular docklets for RocketDock.

The setup of this docklet is not really trivial (maybe because it’s a beta version), but can give a really interesting result. Here is the detailed instruction how to install the StackDocklet 2.0 for Krento.

1. Download StackDocklet 2.0 The download link from the author’s website is broken, but you can download it from Megaupload site:
2. Extract the content of the StackDocklet2.0.rar archive to your hard drive.
3. Copy all files from the archive to Krento “Docklets” folder
This folder is located inside the Krento Data Folder.

Open Krento Data Folder, find inside “Dockets” folder and copy StackDocklet 2.0 files there.
One of the files StackDocklet.dll you have to copy to other location: Krento Application folder. This is a folder where Krento.exe is located. By default it’s C:\Program Files\Krento folder.
When all these steps is done you can launch Krento and if everything is done correctly you will see StackDocklet running on your desktop.

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