Krento impovements proposal

I received the very interesting mail from one of the Krento users, so I decided to make it available for everybody.

My message was to big for improvements so snedingthis:

After using “Fences” for years, I took the 30 day trial for the upgrade and, since it did nothing for me, I declined the offer; but the message to buy kept coming up – every few seconds. The only way around it was to uninstall it. When I did that, my desktop was left in dissaray. That’s when I decided to search for a replacement. After a month I found Krento. While it has its failings, it not only does the job, but has great potential.
I have 15 circles with 112 stones (far too many and something I am working on).
Here are my suggestions:
1. Add a “donations” function. You certainly deserve it and I would donate.

From the very beginning I promised to keep Krento free – no ads, donations, hidden cost, etc… I would like to keep it this way as long as I can.
2. Add an option to “move stone to Desktop” from a circle – This would make arranging stones to circles easier.

Interesting idea, I will implement in in the next version
3. Add an option to create a text file of Krenko circles. THis would be an excellent backup tool and also help in developing circles.
Information about Krento Circle is stored in the text file already. Krento also has an option to make the full backup of the circles from the settings screen.

4. add an optional “shorthand” circle screen – dropping the circle icon and adding the description data.
This screen is available via “Modify” menu option
5. “Toys” seems to be a developers option. Compile them and treat them like Gadgets.
Toys are similar to Windows Gadgets. They are optional and you can install them separately on demand.
6. Improve the User manual and add interactive context sensitive Help See 2 below).
Other problems:
1. I cannot delete network connections/Recycle Bin/Adminstration tools from my desktop. They are already “stoned” in Krento Circles and I can’t get rid of them on my desktop.

2. I don’t understand the “change Stone Type” option. I changed one to to “Krento circles” thinking it would create an “inner circle”, but it didn’t. Did I stumble on something? It would be good to have subset circles.
“Krento circles” stone is a shortcut to one of the existing circles. When you create it, you can assign one of your circles as a target for this stone to have a fast way of opening your favorite circle. You can also use it to build the “multi-level” circles. For example, you can create circle called “Music”. Then add additional stones to it called “Pop”, “Rock”, “Classic”. Every circle is pointing to the circle with the specific items related to the music genre. You can do the same thing for games, tools, etc…
3. The Krento Icon on my desktop only tells me Krento is already opened – can’t get to the Pulsar screen from there. Right clicking on main Circles brings up a similar screen, but no toys or hide pulsar.
If you don’t see Pulsar you can make it visible by calling the popup menu of the Krento tray icon
4. What does “Applications do? Cannot enter anything in search box.
Applications is the search tool for your Windows Start Menu. Start to type the text there and you will see the list of the applications installed on your PC.

5. How can I make a square from a circle? (like power management and settings). This would be a better presentation.
I already have the similar request and I work on it.


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