Introducing Swelio – new library for Belgian eID cards

The freeware Belgian eID cards access library called Swelio is available for download:


  • No external dependencies
  • x32 and x64 versions
  • All functions have Unicode and Ansi version
  • Simple to use, easy to embed in any programming language
  • C++ and Delphi SDK with samples and documenation are included
  • Works in Windows XP – Windows 8
  • Provides 256 different functions
  • QR codes generation
  • Export card data to XML
  • Multiple readers support
  • Exports photo in different graphical formats
  • No eID Middleware required
  • Hash functions and encryption supported
  • Check of the pin code
  • Can create and verify digital signatures
  • Many other useful things…

7 thoughts on “Introducing Swelio – new library for Belgian eID cards

  1. Thank you for releasing this.

    After a first usage of the library, the reader is not recognised anymore.
    Any idea how this could happen ?


    1. Jonathan,

      Swelio Manager class Active property is used to activate and deactivate the engine, including memory allocation, creation and disposal of CardReader instances, etc.. It should be set to true at the start of application or when needed, and set to false when you finish to use it. When Manager is deactivated, all internal objects, including the instances of CardReader and Card classes are destroyed.

      The second important property is TraceEvent. When TraceEvent is set to true, the event will be triggered when card is inserted, removed or the list of the card readers changes (new reader is attached to PC or connected reader is removed).
      When event is triggered, TraceEvent value is automatically changes to false and event listener is deactivated.
      You can activate it again in your event handler, after you processed the event.

      For example:

      void engine_CardInserted(object sender, CardEventArgs e)
      engine.TraceEvents = true;

      The reason for this is the possible change of the card readers list. Also deactivation of the engine during event processing prevents dead locks.


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