Swelio 1.9

Swelio 1.9 is available for download:  onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B4508367FACE85D1!702

In this release the memory allocation problem is fixed with help from Tim Messiaen. The problem causes errors in 64 bit mode and under debugger. I would recommend to all users to update to this release.


4 thoughts on “Swelio 1.9

  1. Nice soft, thank you for this. I’m testing it and may have found a small bug: if you start the engine with a connected reader, read the card. Then disconnect the reader, and reconnect it: The reader changed event is not triggered, and the reader is not usable anymore until the engine is disposed and created again.


  2. Very good dll.
    But when you connect two or more readers, reading the address data (with ReadAddressExA) on port 1 (second reader) : the address data can not be read.

    ReadAddressExA(port 0 ) => ok
    ReadAddressExA(port 1) => does not read anything
    ReadAddressExA(port 2) => does not read anything

    Reading the Identity does work

    ReadIdentityExA(port 0 ) => ok
    ReadIdentityExA(port 1) => ok
    ReadIdentityExA(port 2) => ok.


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