Krento 3.1 is released

Krento 3.1 is released and available for download from
Krento 3.0 has build-in time limitation and stops working after 1 November 2012. In order to use Krento after this date is necessary to update your copy to the version 3.1
The new release is not limited in the time or functionality and stays freeware as it was always, but internally it’s not fully compatible with the previous versions and it is the reason why it should be updated.


Krento 2.1.672.13 released

Krento 2.1.672.13 released and available for download from

  • Reduced CPU usage during the circle rotation
  • Added compatibility with Narrator for partially sighted people
  • Fixed bug with the drawing of the complex skins
  • Implemented smooth kinematic turning of the circle
  • Central button shows now the list of the available rings for fast ring selection
  • Windows + Z shows the ring selection even when Krento is not visible
  • Added configuration parameter for the default number of the empty stones when creating the new circle. You can select the appropriate number or set it to 0 if you want to create an ampty circles always
  • Added parameter to specify the name of the default circle (like the home page of the browser).  The home button can be used to navigate to the default circle
  • The ico files can be used for stones images 

Krento 2.1.333.12 released

Krento 2.1.333.12 released and available for download from

What’s new in this release:

  • Polish translation by Andrzej
  • Improved Romanian translation by Radu Barbu
  • Extended drag-and-drop support for Krento Pulsar:

   – when dragging .doc;.xls;.ppt;.docx;.docm;.xlsx;.xlsm;.pptx;.pptm;.vso;.vsd;.mpp;.pub;.xsn;.txt;.rtf;.pdf;.html;.htm;.chm file to Pulsar it will be copied to “My Documents” folder
  – when dragging .jpg;.jpeg;.jpe;.gif;.tiff;.tif;.png;.bmp;.rle;.dib;.wmf;.wmz;.emf;.emz;.cgm;.pict;.pic file to Pulsar it will be copied to “My Pictures” folder
  – when dragging .wma;.mp3;.acc;.aiff;.wav;.ra;.mid file to Pulsar it will be copied to “My Music” folder

Krento 2.1 release

Krento 2.1 is available for download from In this release I added the possibility to select the style of the manager window. You can choose between the classic layout with the stone caption in the middle of the manager window or the new style with navigation buttons (more practical for netbooks and tablet pc).

The seletion of the style can be done via the advanced settings dialog.

Do not forget to restart Krento to apply your changes.

Krento 2.1 supports skinning of the manager window buttons

More information about new skinning options you can find on the Krento forum

Krento is out

Krento is out and can be downloaded from

What’s new in this release:

  • New way of activating the application ring: just keep right mouse button pressed for 0.5 sec
  • Added  ActivateCursor option to Krento.ini file. When Krento is activated via keyboard the mouse cursor is not moved the the application ring center, but stays in it originan position
  • Added “Select Circle” menu item to the main Krento menu for more easy circle selection without going back or forward  through all existing circles
  • Updated Krento translation
  • New way of  the Application Ring selection. When pressing the Ctrl + Tab keyboard shortcut the new ring selection dialog appears:

Using Tab key while keep pressing the Ctrl key is possible to select the desired application ring (similar to the task selection in Windows using Alt + Tab keys).