More details about Krento

Krento is .NET application, animated, alpha blended and skinned widget and application engine. Maybe at first sight it looks like some dock applications, but it’s wrong impression. Every item of Krento Stones Circle is mini-application (widget) that can do different tasks. Krento allows development of new stone’s types. That allows to easy extend Krento functionality.
Krento also supports AddOns (plugins) based on Karna .NET technology. It makes the project even more flexible.

Unlike other applications, Krento do not simulate any Mac applications. Most of the Krento functionality is accessible by using keyboard or mouse, so the people who used to type or to click should feel comfortable with it. It does not stay at the desktop hidden by other applications, like many widget engines and do not stay at the screen edge, like dock applications. It simply popup when you press hot-key combination or press the mouse wheel.

Krento source code

Krento is freeware, but not Open Source project. The source code of Krento is not available to everyone, please do not request it.


Info-ZIP C# wrapper article at Codeproject

Many of today’s applications require the capability of extracting certain files from a ZIP archive, either onto the hard disk or into memory. A lot of useful zip libraries for .NET applications abound on the Web (SharpZipLib for .NET Framework is a very known one), but I wanted to use the Info-ZIP library as it was always my favorite library for C++ projects.

Info-ZIP is an Open Source version of Phil Katz’s “deflate” and “inflate” routines used in his popular file compression program, PKZIP. Info-ZIP code has been incorporated into a number of third-party products as well, both commercial and freeware. It offers two dynamic link libraries: one for zipping, and one for unzipping.

The Info-ZIP DLLs are free to use and distribute, but they are designed to be used in C/C++ projects, so they’re not really .NET-friendly. Also, the Info-ZIP package contains almost no documentation showing how to use the Info-ZIP DLLs.

Therefore, I decided to write a small C# wrapper that provides all the required data types and functions in order to give the possibility to work with the Info-ZIP API…

The full text of the article is available on CodeProject website

Karna .NET: new release and new forum

The new beta release of Karna .NET is available for download. As usual the full source code + new samples are available.

In this release the new Karna.AddIn namespace is introduced. Now Karna supports AddIns technology for making modular applications.

Other news:

I created new forums related to Karna .NET project Please visit These forums will be the preferable support way for Karna .NET

Also all announcements for the new releases will be moved from my blog to Karna forum

Karna .NET: Beta 11 release

I am pleased to announce karna .Net beta 11 release. The project is growing, the structure become more stable and the final result more visible. In case if you missed the beginning of the story:

Karna .NET is freeware C# library for fast developing widgets, docks, screenlets and other types of Internet Desktop Applications, that merges the best qualities and behaviors of the the web and desktop in both end-user experience and in development and deployment.

More information is available at the Karna .NET website: