Android: Get current date and time

This is a very common task in app development – get the current date and time value. In Android you can use 2 simple methods to achieve this:

Method 1

Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
Date d = c.getTime();

Method 2

Time now = new Time();

Resampling images in Compact Framework

Resizing the image with good quality result is not simple task in CF, because Graphics InterpolationMode property is not supported. For breaking this limitation I developed a new library with the resampling engine made in C++ for ARM processors and a very simple C# wrapper for it. The engine implements a lot of buit-in filters with different speed and result quality.


The result of the resampling:

The original image dimensions 256×256 and resampled image 48×48


Note: When using this library you must distribute Resample.dll with your application.

Thanks to Carlo Pallini’s for his idea of C++ resampling library.

"Calendar Reports" for Windows Mobile

“Calendar Reports” is freeware Pocket PC application for for quick access and search events and appointments in your Pocket Outlook Calendar. “Calendar Reports” provides list of all future or recurrent events, allowing easy search by event subject text.

Here is few screenshots:

Download link:

1. Windows Mobile 6 Professional (240×320 pixels – 96 dpi)
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5