Freeware Fullscreen desktop clock application

Desktop clock is a  simple freeware application that shows the fullscreen clock using your photos as background. The background changes every minute.


EIDNative library version 3.0 is released

EIDNative – the Belgian eID card access library version 3.0 is available for download:
Now it supports x64 and x32 Windows and can be used from Windows XP to Windows 8. This is the last release of the EIDNative library and it will be not updated in the future, because I made the new more advanced and powerful library for reading electronic id cards and the new library will replace EIDNative.

Russian version of Smir – backup and restore Windows desktop icons position

Valerij Romanovskij translated Smir to Russian. The translation is included in the archive. Smir is a freeware tools for backup and restore Windows desktop icons positions. The application is portable, no setup needed. The information is stored to the text file without accessing the Windows registry.
Download Smir: 
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Krento 2.1.672.13 released

Krento 2.1.672.13 released and available for download from

  • Reduced CPU usage during the circle rotation
  • Added compatibility with Narrator for partially sighted people
  • Fixed bug with the drawing of the complex skins
  • Implemented smooth kinematic turning of the circle
  • Central button shows now the list of the available rings for fast ring selection
  • Windows + Z shows the ring selection even when Krento is not visible
  • Added configuration parameter for the default number of the empty stones when creating the new circle. You can select the appropriate number or set it to 0 if you want to create an ampty circles always
  • Added parameter to specify the name of the default circle (like the home page of the browser).  The home button can be used to navigate to the default circle
  • The ico files can be used for stones images 

DesktopPaparazzo – freeware screen capture tool

DesktopPaparazzo is a tool to help you capture difficult screenshots.

Some elements are camera shy. Perhaps you want to capture a hint, popup or menu item but every time you press the print screen button your subject disappears from view.  Well DesktopPaparazzo is here to help, simply specify a time interval and a folder then DesktopPaparazzo will snap away and provide you with a collection of screen shots leaving you free to set up the screen how you want it. DesktopPaparazzo is extremely easy to configure, you can even decide whether you want to capture the mouse pointer in your screenshot.
Download DesktopPaparazzo:

  Watch Desktop Paparazzo Video Tutorial done by
Desktop Paparazzo antivirus scan report at Desktop Paparazzo video tutorial at softoxi.comDesktop Paparazzo on Download 4a

SimpleLogoff – one click logoff from Windows

SimpleLogoff is an open source freeware application for one click logoff from Windows. Download link:!215&parid=B4508367FACE85D1!134
By executing this application you are logged out without any questions asked.
The application is portable, no any setup needed. The source code is included.

PDF Gallery – freeware JPEG to PDF converter

PDF Gallery is a freeware images to PDF converter. PDF Gallery is a very simple to use, but powerful file conversion tool designed to convert the JPEG, PNG and BMP images into PDF files.
Running PDF Gallery does not require any Adobe or image processing programs installed on your computer. It has no extra dependencies and can work in portable mode.
PDF Gallery can convert every image to a separate PDF file or combine multiple images to one PDF file in portrait or landscape layout. It works very fast the size of the resulting PDF file and its quality can be controlled by the user. PDF Gallery supports drag and drop, image stretch, page orientation and offset, images order and other useful features.
It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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