Safety first – Belgian eid card login on public websites

Recently I visited “CM Ziekenfonds” website where foreseen the user authentication using Belgian eid card. During login, the popup window appears with request to allow Java applet run in unsafe mode:

eid login javaThus, for secure login I have to lower security settings for Java, knowing that in general the usage of Java applets is not secure at all.

Most of the official Belgian eid cards software is written in Java. The only way for using eid card in the browser is via Java applet. Nowadays, when most of the people using smartphones and tables for browsing Internet this solution becomes really not acceptable.

There is another alternative solution which becomes more and more popular – Itsme: This solution replaces eid card login with smartphone app.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the problem of eid card usage, when it’s really needed, for example for qualified signature of PDF documents.


Swelio 1.9

Swelio 1.9 is available for download:

In this release the memory allocation problem is fixed with help from Tim Messiaen. The problem causes errors in 64 bit mode and under debugger. I would recommend to all users to update to this release.

Additionally, the library to sign PDF documents with Belgian id card is available on GitHub:

Swelio 1.5 – Freeware Belgian eID card SDK

The new release of Swelio – freeware Belgian eID card SDK is available for download.

Whats new in this release:

* Fixed some bugs in C++ code
* Updated C++ documentation
* Added Delphi documentation
* Added Microsoft .NET binding

The C# source code of the .NET binding included. The library supports AnyCPU, x86 and x64 projects. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 – 4.5 and tested with all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.
The provided assembly was compiled for .NET Framework 2.0 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, but the project can be easily upgraded to the more recent versions of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. It was done to cover more possible configuration, because the downgrade of the Visual Studio project is not possible. The sample project is also provided.

Please leave your comments or write a review to help me improve the quality and functionality of the Swelio SDK. If you found a bug – please report it to me using the contact form. The future requests from the active testers will be treated with higher priority.

Download Swelio SDK

Introducing Swelio – new library for Belgian eID cards

The freeware Belgian eID cards access library called Swelio is available for download:


  • No external dependencies
  • x32 and x64 versions
  • All functions have Unicode and Ansi version
  • Simple to use, easy to embed in any programming language
  • C#, C++ and Delphi SDK with samples and documenation are included
  • Works in Windows XP – Windows 10
  • Provides more than 200 different functions
  • QR codes generation
  • Export card data to XML
  • Multiple readers support
  • Exports photo in different graphical formats
  • No eID Middleware required
  • Hash functions and encryption supported
  • Check of the pin code
  • Can create and verify digital signatures
  • Many other useful things…
  • Additionally, you can use Swelio to sign PDF documents using Belgian eid card:
  • EIDNative library version 3.0 is released

    EIDNative – the Belgian eID card access library version 3.0 is available for download:
    Now it supports x64 and x32 Windows and can be used from Windows XP to Windows 8. This is the last release of the EIDNative library and it will be not updated in the future, because I made the new more advanced and powerful library for reading electronic id cards and the new library will replace EIDNative.